Hello World! My First Website Blog Post

Hello World! If anyone other than myself is reading this, welcome to my blog. I’ll be detailing my journey with setting up my website, homelab, and any other programming challenges I may encounter.

I hope to make this blog as an archive of what I’ve accomplished, as well as a reference for my future self and others who may find its content useful. I’d like to use this to document how I install, create, and configure my homelab. Documentation is not something that I have been good at up until this point. Often I can’t remember how I made something work, and I would like to have a future reference.

Future Blog Content:

I plan on writing blog posts centered around my homelab, photography, and other interesting computer topics. At this time I currently have this website designed and a homelab already built up on my R710. For my own sake of documentation I will try to cover everything that got me to this point, and potentially do fresh installs for Ubuntu 18.04.  That includes going over my current network infrastructure, my running VMs, and configuration guides for anyone brave enough to follow along at home.

With the website now up and running, I’ll have published my first technical entry on how I installed WordPress. If anyone has questions or comments, feel free to leave them on any of my posts. I’ll work on incorporating any feedback to improve my content.


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